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Texting is the worst thing to have happened to dating

I remember the first time a boy called me on the home telephone. I was 15, his name was Brett and we met (wait for it) at debating camp. We pashed in front of the campfire and he got my number. I was out when he called so my Dad took the message. When I … Continue reading

Why I’m scared of online dating

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a strong supporter of online dating. But sometimes it does scare the bejesus out of me. Case in point: I was chatting to a guy on Tinder who was age appropriate and cute and seemed lovely if his texts were anything to go by. Lovely, I … Continue reading

A bona fide psycho

I’ve finally come across my first real nut job while online dating. Not just your regular threesome-talking, food-controlling nut job – an actual, potentially sociopathic nut job. While it’s a little freaky, I guess it’s pretty good to have got this far without meeting such a character considering how many dates I’ve been on. As … Continue reading

Mea maxima culpa aka Hands up if you’re a crazy lady

Sometimes I fuck up. Sometimes on a date I’m the crazy one who deserves to have a blog post devoted to them. I regret to inform you that last Friday was one of those instances. I was nervous and expectations of Mr Friday Night were high. And it turned out he was actually lovely. Terrific … Continue reading

Feedback *not* required

I was at a hen’s night recently where the conversation turned to disastrous dating stories. The following tale is one that I told; a tale involving a balding man called Nick and an email that will live in infamy. Nick and I met on Computer Club. He seemed like a nice enough bloke but I … Continue reading

Do you think I’m fat?

Men often complain that women don’t eat enough when they take them out for dinner. Aside from a couple of severe cases of nervous energy, I’m not one of those girls. Which made a date with a food-stingy Kiwi particularly grating. He seemed quite normal. Funny, enthusiastic, cute (tick, tick and tick). He bought the … Continue reading

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